Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Plate Of Patatos

       A Plate Of      Potatoes
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In the story there was an old lady who wanted her boy to eat his peas and swallow them in one go then she told him to eat a potato plate in five big bites and it gone. Then  she gives him some ice cream and fruit salad. Eating your plate sounds crazy but not if it a potato plate.

1 the starch comes from factories were potato chips are put into fast flowing water the water forces the potato through a screen that has wires strung across  it these wires cut the potatoes into chip shapes

2 After This, The Water Is Full of starch. This water goes into a machine that removes the water and leaves the dry starch powder behind.

3The Dried Starch Is a bit like Flour, it’s mixed with water and food dyes to make a colourful paste.

4 The paste is then put into a plate-shaped mould. The top of the mould closes, and the paste begins  to cook, just like waffles in a waffle machine. The plate’s finished when it’s dry and firm.

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